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SSM 202–05 Table

The student:

  1. obtains an application for comprehensive examination for course equivalence and any applicable instruction sheets from the department offering the course
  2. completes the application


  3. meets with the academic advisor to request approval for taking the comprehensive examination and to determine if the credit by examination will meet degree requirements.

The advisor approves or disapproves the request. If the request is not approved, the advisor notifies the student.

If the request is approved, the advisor notes in the student’s departmental file both that the request was approved and how the credit will be used in the degree program. The student returns the application to the department offering the course.

The chair of the department offering the course reviews the application, approves or disapproves it, and notifies the student of the decision.

If approved, the student:

  1. pays the fees and obtains a receipt at University Cashiering Services


  2. delivers the receipt to the department offering the course.

The department notifies the course instructor to arrange for the examination. The instructor contacts the student to schedule the examination and prepares, administers, and grades the examination. The department sends the results of the examination to University Registrar Services and to the student.

University Registrar Services:

  1. verifies that the student meets eligibility requirements
  2. verifies that the comprehensive examination form includes a grade, the instructor’s signature, and an attached paid fee receipt


  3. adjusts the student’s academic record to reflect the examination results.

The student may verify that the examination results are reflected under Grades & Transcripts and Transcripts & Test Scores, in the My Classes box of My ASU.

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