Student Services Manual (SSM)

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SSM 201–10 Table

The instructor prepares and forwards to the department chair and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities a memo documenting the student’s disruptive behavior, expressing a desire to withdraw the student, and indicating a grade of either “E” or “W.”

The department chair or administrative equivalent reviews the memo. If approved, he or she signs the memo and forwards it to the dean or the dean’s designee. If the withdrawal is not approved, the memo is returned to the instructor to indicate that the student is to remain in the class.

The dean or designee reviews the memo. If the withdrawal is approved, the dean’s office signs the memo, forwards it to University Registrar Services, and notifies the student of the decision. If disapproved, the dean or designee returns the memo to the instructor and indicates that the student is to remain in the class.

University Registrar Services processes the withdrawal and retains the file copy. The instructor records a grade of “E” or “W” on the final class list.

A student who wishes to appeal the withdrawal should contact the dean’s office to begin the appeal procedure.

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