Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

Effective: 7/1/2014

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SPP Manual Revision Notice Table

SPP 002: Definitions. Revised to update the definitions for “In-category Promotion,” “Lateral Transfer,” (formerly “Transfer”), and “Reassignment (Career Change)”

SPP 213: Reduction in Force. Revised to clarify the Procedural Review Board approval process

SPP 403–08: Salary Administration. Revised to update the signature authority requirement language for salary adjustment notifications; to update the salary offer principles to include consideration of salaries of other departmental staff in the same job/position for comparison; to remove legislature appropriation as a necessary action for performance-based increases; to update payment requirements for approved performance-based increases above the assigned market zone; to remove the in-category promotion section/subheading; to update the definitions; to update the name of the salary and compensation guide

SPP 703–01: Holiday Leave Benefits. Revised to update the exceptions to include ASU help-desk customer service specialist positions

SPP 808: Performance Management for University Staff. Revised to clarify the requirements for supervisors in facilitating ongoing employee performance through discussions and completing performance evaluations; to remove the section on termination; to update the Cross-References

SPP 1010: Termination of University Staff Employment. Revised to provide requirements and guidelines for departments in obtaining the proper approvals and communicating termination of employment

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