Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

Effective: 3/1/2014

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SPP Manual Revision Notice Table

SPP 002: Definitions. Revised the definition of “Layoff Period” to remove “recall rights” and to add a link to SPP 216, “Layoff for University Staff”

SPP 403–08: Salary Administration. Revised to update the term “in-band promotion” to “in-category promotion”

SPP 404–06: Overtime for University Extraordinary and Specific Events. Revised to clarify that for a non-faculty administrator or university staff employee, the employee’s vice president, or the provost, or the designee for that employee’s vice president or the provost, must approve an exception for extraordinary event pay

SPP 505: Employee Reduced Resident Tuition. Revised to clarify that for employee reduced resident tuition, “retirees” means “retirees who are benefits-eligible upon separation”

SPP 702–01: Vacation Leave Benefits. Revised to clarify that for rehired employees “accrual and accumulation of vacation hours is based upon the employee’s job classification, category, and accrual schedule at rehire”

SPP 705–02: Family Leave of Absence. Revised to update the Purpose; to clarify the details of the 12-month employment eligibility requirement for taking leave; to update the policy language detailing types of family leave; to clarify that “approval of intermittent leave for the placement and subsequent bonding with an adopted or foster child is at the supervisor’s discretion”

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