Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

Effective: 11/1/2015

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SPP Manual Revision Notice Table

SPP 002: Definitions. Revised to update the definition of “Relatives” to remove the part of the definition irrelevant to SPP manual, “A substantial interest of a relative is considered to be that of an employee”

SPP 201–01: Recruitment/Employment. Revised to update the resources available for recruitment/employment; to update the name of the recruitment management system; to update requirements and process details related to offers of employment, checking references, and recruitment alternatives; to update terminology related to recruitment functions

SPP 501–01:Mandatory Retirement Plans. Revised to add M1 and Q1 visa holders to the exceptions

SPP 705–01: Extended Leave of Absence. Revised to clarify details of paid and unpaid leave benefits coverage

SPP 705–02: Family Leave of Absence. Revised to update the criteria for scheduling FMLA for foster care or adoption of a child; to update the definition of “Placement for Adoption or Foster Care”

SPP 708: Parental Leave Benefits. Revised to clarify timing and scenarios in which parental benefits apply

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