SDA 405E

Appeals Process

A student may appeal the finding of a positive result, violation of this policy, or the sanction imposed for either a positive test or violation of this policy. To appeal, the student must provide written evidence of a material procedural error, evidence that refutes the positive finding or violation, or evidence that the sanction is unreasonable. The student must submit the written appeal to the senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student Services via the senior associate athletic director within seven days after the student is notified of the decision to be appealed. If the student does not appeal within seven days, the result, finding, or sanction cannot later be reviewed.

The outcome of an appeal may result in:

  1. the original positive result and/or sanction is upheld
  2. the positive test result is waived due to circumstantial evidence


  3. the sanction for the positive test is modified up to inclusion of reinstatement.

If the student is not contesting the positive result or the finding of a policy violation but wishes to appeal a sanction of suspension or cancellation of financial aid, the student must follow the hearing procedures for suspension or cancellation of athletic aid.

The decision of a team physician to suspend a student from play or practice on medical grounds is not a sanction and cannot be appealed under this policy.

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