SDA 405C

Reasonable Suspicion

Student-athletes shall be tested if there is just cause or reasonable suspicion to believe (or suspect) the use or abuse of alcohol, drugs, or any banned substance. The head athletic trainer, assistant athletic trainer, head coach, assistant coach, vice president for University Athletics or senior associate athletic director shall have just cause to believe (or suspect) the use or abuse of alcohol, drugs, or any banned substance if he or she is aware of, becomes aware of, or sees certain signs, symptoms, or changes in behavior that may cause him or her to suspect substance use or abuse. Such signs, symptoms, and changes in behavior may include, but are not limited to the following:

A. Student-athlete begins to show:

  1. poor motivation
  2. sloppy appearance or hygiene
  3. irritability or frequent loss of temper
  4. failure to follow directions or lack of discipline
  5. routine injuries
  6. unexplained absences
  7. excessive and quick weight gain


  8. problems getting along with others.

B. Student-athlete has recurrent problems with:

  1. being late to practice, meetings, or mandatory functions
  2. being late for or missing appointments
  3. staying up later than normal
  4. falling asleep during the day (or in class)
  5. skipping meals


  6. drop in grades or test scores.

C. Student-athlete shows the following signs/evidence of illness:

  1. red eyes
  2. tired eyes
  3. dilated or constricted pupils
  4. excessive breaking out of the skin or excessive rashes
  5. red or running nose
  6. repeated bouts with a cold or the flu
  7. appears “hyper” or nervous
  8. becomes withdrawn or less talkative


  9. repeated car accidents or traffic violations.

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