Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 7/1/2016

Revised: 5/18/2017

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SDA 107: Transfer Related Requests

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To define the manner in which ASU makes institutional decisions relating to student-athlete transfer requests in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations while balancing student-athlete welfare concerns against SDA's institutional (e.g., recruiting and competitive) interests in regulating transfer decisions. [horizontal rule]



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National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Sun Devil Athletics (SDA)

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Athletics coaches and staff, and student-athletes

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  1. Scope – This policy and process applies to all transfer-related requests for student-athletes contemplating a transfer from ASU (i.e., permissions to contact other institutions, uses of the one-time transfer exception, waivers of the Pac-12 intra-conference transfer rule.)

  2. Applicable Rules and Regulations – Transfer requests will be processed in accordance with NCAA, Pac-12, and ASU rules and regulations.

  3. Who May Request – Only student-athletes and SDA coaches may make requests under this policy. Without prior notice of a student-athlete's desire to begin the transfer process, ASU will not process requests made by other institutions.

  4. Default Approvals – A failure by SDA to respond to a transfer request within the time limits required under NCAA legislation may result in an automatic approval.

  5. Hearings – If NCAA or Pac-12 rules and regulations permit a hearing to review a transfer decision, the student-athlete must make the request for the hearing in writing to the Compliance Office.

  6. Deadline for an Hearing Request –The student-athlete must make the request within 15 business days after the Compliance Office sends notification to the student-athlete of the denial and his or her right to a hearing to review the denial. If the request is not made within 15 business days, the denial is considered final. The Faculty Athletics Representative may, in consultation with the athletics director, waive the 15 day hearing request window.

  7. No Cessation of Student-Athlete Benefits – A student-athlete who initiates the transfer process and is otherwise in good standing with the university and SDA will not be denied access to academic resources, medical and athletic training assistance, or athletics equipment and facilities based solely on his/her transfer-related request.

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For information on the procedures, see the SDA Compliance site.

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