Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 9/1/1906

Revised: 11/1/2002

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SDA 104: Rules Compliance

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To explain the university’s responsibility as it relates to compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Pacific-12 Conference, Arizona Board of Regents, and institutional rules and regulations

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National Collegiate Athletic Association
Sun Devil Athletics

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Student-athletes, students, athletic coaches and staff, university staff and faculty, alumni, donors, and fans

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Compliance Responsibility

Arizona State University is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12), Arizona Board of Regents, and university rules and regulations.

Commitment to compliance of all NCAA, Pac-12, and university rules is a shared responsibility. Each individual involved in Arizona State University’s intercollegiate athletics program, including student-athletes, is obligated to maintain competency in knowledge of the rules; to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the governing legislation; and to report any violation of NCAA, Pac-12 and/or Arizona State University rules of which he or she is aware.

Sun Devil Athletics’ commitment and obligation to institutional control is monitored through the Office of Compliance. The Office of Compliance has two main roles regarding Pac-12 and NCAA rules and regulations. Those roles are to educate and to monitor:

  1. coaches
  2. staff
  3. student-athletes
  4. faculty
  5. representatives of ASU’s athletics interests (donors, boosters, and former student-athletes)
  6. fans


  7. friends.

It is the goal of the compliance program to place the university in a proactive position by educating, overseeing, and monitoring the intercollegiate athletics program and maintaining a positive compliance environment.

Principle of Institutional Control

It is the university’s responsibility to control its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA. The university’s chief executive officer is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the athletics program, including approval of the budget and audit of all expenditures.

Principle of Institutional Responsibility

The university’s responsibility for the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics program includes responsibility for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any other individual or organization engaged in activities promoting the athletics interests of the university.

Principle of Rules Compliance

The university shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the NCAA in the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics programs. It shall monitor its programs to assure compliance and to identify and report to the NCAA instances in which compliance has not been achieved. In any such instance, the university shall cooperate fully with the NCAA and shall take appropriate corrective actions. Members of the university’s staff, student-athletes, and other individuals and groups representing ASU’s athletics interests shall comply with the applicable NCAA rules, and the university shall be responsible for such compliance.

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