Research and Sponsored Projects Manual (RSP)

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Effective: 3/1/2016
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RSP Manual Revision NoticeD

Policy Summary of Change
RSP 509-03

Financially Closing Out Fixed Price Agreements

Revision of Policy

Revised to change "nonsponsored" to "sponsored"

RSP 004


Revision of Policy

Revised to remove the definitions “Activity Distribution Report (ADR),” “Senior Vice President for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development,” and “University Prior Approval System (UPAS)”; to update the definitions “Allowable Costs,” “Budget,” “Collaboration,” “Companion Accounts,” “Complainant,” “Cost Sharing,” “Effort,” “Fully Burdened F&A Rate,” “International Travel” (from “Foreign Travel”), “Mandatory Committed Cost Sharing,” “Matching Funds,” “Program Income,” “Sponsored Project,” “Subrecipient,” “Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing,” “Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing,” “Waived Prior Approval Authority” (from “Expanded Authorities”)

RSP 101

General Research Policy

Revision of Policy

Revised to update Source section; to update authoritative guidance references/resources for sponsored project funding for grants and cooperative agreements from federal and sub-federal sources

RSP 503–02

Sponsored Project Expense Advances

Revision of Policy

Revised to update the policy to be inline with ASU Travel Office allowances for non-employees

RSP 503–05

Subcontracts/Subaward Agreements

Revision of Policy

Revised to update the Sources; to update a position title; to add a Cross-Reference

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