Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 7/1/1980

Revised: 7/1/2018

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PUR 501–01: Information to Suppliers

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To define the methods by which suppliers may obtain information on upcoming procurements

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University policy

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Purchasing and Business Services informs suppliers of upcoming procurements through the solicitation of suppliers through newspaper advertising and public posting, through electronic bid networks, and through an electronic bid board.

Newspaper Advertising

Solicitations usually appear in the legal advertising section of a newspaper of general circulation in the state.

Bids on Construction Projects

Solicitations on construction projects are advertised at least once not less than two weeks before bid opening. In unusual circumstances, the chief procurement officer may waive this requirement.

Bids on Services Costing $100,000 or More

Solicitations on services costing $100,000 or more are advertised at least once not less than two weeks before bid opening. This requirement may be waived only through the Sole Source or the Bid Waiver process.

Bids on Capital Equipment

On occasion, ASU will advertise for bids on capital equipment.

Bids on Supplies

ASU does not advertise solicitations for supplies in print media.

Public Posting

A copy of each written ITB or Request for Proposal (RFP) is publicly posted on the electronic bid board; interested potential suppliers may download solicitations from this site. By periodic inspection of the board, suppliers may be informed of upcoming university procurements. Suppliers may request and shall receive an opportunity to bid on any ITB or RFP so posted.

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For information on bidding, see:

  1. PUR 303–03, “Preparation of Specifications and Response Evaluation Criteria”
  2. PUR 305–01, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing Less than $50,000”
  3. PUR 305–02, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing at Least $50,000 but Less than $100,000”
  4. PUR 306–01, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing $100,000 or More”
  5. PUR 306–02, “Waiver of Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing $100,000 or More”
  6. PUR 501–02, “Advertising for Bids”


  7. PUR 501–03, “Bid Security and Performance and Payment Bonds.”

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