Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 7/1/1992

Revised: 7/1/2018

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PUR 402–04: Printing

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To provide for the university’s printing needs

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Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual — 3-803
Purchasing and Business Services

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All requests for printing

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University policy defines how departments acquire printing services and products. Printing acquisition at ASU is divided into four categories, and departments must follow procedures for each category:

  • Business Systems, including business cards, letterhead and stationery, and envelopes
  • Print orders costing less than $10,000
  • Print orders costing $10,000 but less than $100,000
  • Print orders costing $100,000 or more

For all printing needs, departments must comply with the University’s Graphic Standards.

Business Systems (Business Cards, Letterhead and Stationery, and Envelopes)

Departments order business cards, letterhead and stationery, and envelopes directly through the ASU Print & Imaging Lab at the Polytechnic campus. To contact the ASU Print & Imaging Lab, call 480/727–1636.

Print Orders Costing Less than $10,000

If a print job costs less than $10,000 and the department pays using a Purchasing Card (preferred) the department may obtain printing from a source/supplier as the department chooses. Purchasing and Business Services recommends that departments use print suppliers under contract. Contracted printers are located on SunRise in Workday.

Print Orders Costing $10,000 but Less than $100,000

If a print job costs $10,000 but less than $100,000, the department obtains three quotes (preferably from print suppliers under contract). If the department wishes to use the lowest quote and pay for the work with a Purchasing Card, the department must e-mail the quotes, the last four digits of the Purchasing Card number, and the cardholder’s name to the Purchasing Card Administrator and the procurement officer.

Should the department wish to use a supplier that did not submit the lowest quote, the department must also include a detailed justification for using that supplier. Purchasing and Business Services will review the request and decide whether or not to increase the department’s requested Purchasing Card limits to allow the transaction for the print job.

Print Orders Costing $100,000 or More

If a print job costs $100,000 or more, the department must send detailed specifications to the procurement officer so that Purchasing and Business Services can do a solicitation or otherwise contract for the printing. The order will be awarded either: 1) through a new formal solicitation; or 2) through an existing contract made after a formal solicitation. In either case, the order will be awarded to the printer that best meets the scope of work, price, and delivery requirements and is the most advantageous to the university.

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For related information on bidding, see:

  1. PUR 302–02, “On-Campus Goods and Services List”
  2. PUR 303–03, “Preparation of Specifications and Response Evaluation Criteria”
  3. PUR 305–01, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing Less than $50,000”
  4. PUR 305–02, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing at Least $50,000 but Less than $100,000”
  5. PUR 306–01, “Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing $100,000 or More”
  6. PUR 306–02, “Waiver of Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing $100,000 or More”
  7. PUR 501–01, “Information to Suppliers”
  8. PUR 501–02, “Advertising for Bids”


  9. PUR 501–03, “Bid Security and Performance and Payment Bonds.”

For related information on sole source and emergency procurements, see:

  1. PUR 303–02, “Sole Source Procurement/Justification”


  2. PUR 307–01, “Emergency Orders.”

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