Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 1/1/1985

Revised: 7/1/2018

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PUR 402–02: Professional Design Services Costing $500,000 or Less

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To establish the method of selecting professional design when the amounts to be paid are $500,000 or less and to provide an optional method of obtaining construction related consultants

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Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 3-804
University policy

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Professional design and/or construction related consultants

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Professional design services for university projects in which the design fee is expected to cost $500,000 or less are to be selected on an impartial, fair, and consistent basis.

Professional design services are selected from a file of individuals or firms that have expressed an interest in performing services for the university. Annually, a request for statements of qualifications and experience (ARFQ) is advertised publicly and mailed to a wide number of consultants, including small and disadvantaged firms. Purchasing and Business Services (PBS) maintains a file of responses received from this request. When a project is approved, the director of Purchasing and Business Services will appoint a selection committee to review the file and if possible, develop a shortlist of the three best qualified individuals or firms for the particular project. The director of Purchasing and Business Services or designee, in cooperation with the director of Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) or designee, will conduct negotiations with the individuals or firms on the shortlist according to ranking until a satisfactory agreement is reached.

Construction related consultants may also be selected using this method. Such consultants could include, but are not limited to, people or firms who provide soil tests, percolation tests, archaeological surveys, inspections of materials, storage of materials, or cost analyses.

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For information on the procurement of personal/professional services for purposes other than construction projects, see PUR 402–01, “Personal/Professional Services.”

For information on the procurement of design and construction consultant services for construction projects costing more than $500,000, see PUR 402–03, “Professional Design Services Costing More than $500,000 and Construction Services.”

For information on contract forms for professional services, see PUR 504–02, “Contract Forms.”

For additional information on the procurement of services, see:

  1. the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual—FIN 421–01, “Guest Lecturers, Consultants, and Other Independent Contractors”
  2. the Research and Sponsored Projects Policies and Procedures Manual—RSP 503–03, “Consultants, Lecturers, and Other Professional Services for Sponsored Projects”


  3. the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual—SPP 210, “Consultants/Independent Contractors.”

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