Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 1/1/1985

Revised: 7/1/2018

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PUR 402–01: Personal/Professional Services

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To assist in defining personal/professional services and in selecting the appropriate contracting mechanism

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Arizona Revised Statutes § 38–503
Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 3-802; 3-803
University policy

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Justification for Procurement

When specialized skills, knowledge, resources, and experience are needed that cannot be provided reasonably by existing staff or university service departments, such services may be obtained from firms or individuals outside the university on a fee-for-service or personal/professional services contract basis.

Under no circumstances should a Personal/Professional Services Contract be used to bypass university employment procedures or to accomplish a job that could be accomplished by resources within the university. Employees of the university may not provide personal/professional services to the university except as a result of a formal solicitation, per Arizona Revised Statutes § 38–503.

Personal/Professional Services Contracts

The contract should require the performance of a task, project, or study to be completed within a given time frame. The relationship with the university is that of an independent contractor, and the university has no right to supervise or control how the work required by the contract is done. The independent contractor is solely responsible for the results specified by the contract.

Examples of Personal/Professional Services Contracts

Architectural and engineering services
Auditing, accounting, and financial services
Consulting services
Medical and health services
Surveys and studies

To determine whether an employer-employee relationship or an independent contractor relationship exists, the requestor should refer to the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual—SPP 210, “Consultants/Independent Contractors.”

If it is determined that an employer-employee relationship does not exist, personal/professional services may be procured, based on the cost of the services.

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Design and construction services are procured in accordance with PUR 402–02, “Professional Design Services Costing $500,000 or Less” and PUR 402–03, “Professional Design Services Costing More than $500,000 and Construction Services.” Architect or engineer services that will result in a construction project must use the standard contract forms listed in PUR 504–02, “Contract Forms.”

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For information on procurement of design and construction consultants, see:

  1. PUR 402–02, “Professional Design Services Costing $500,000 or Less”


  2. PUR 402–03, “Professional Design Services Costing More than $500,000 and Construction Services.”

For information on newspaper advertising required for procurement of personal/professional services costing more than $100,000, see PUR 501–02, “Advertising for Bids.”

For information on contract forms for professional services, see PUR 504–02, “Contract Forms.”

For additional information on the procurement of services, see:

  1. the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual—FIN 421–01, “Guest Lecturers, Consultants, and Other Independent Contractors”
  2. the Research and Sponsored Projects Policies and Procedures Manual—RSP 503–03, “Consultants, Lecturers, and Other Professional Services for Sponsored Projects”


  3. the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual—SPP 210, “Consultants/Independent Contractors.”

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