Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 1/1/1999

Revised: 11/12/2014

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PUR 401–07: Vehicles

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To define the responsibility for the purchase and lease of vehicles

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 28–403, –701, –909, –1253, –1441; 38–538; 41–671 et seq., –803; 49–455, –541

Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–101 et seq.

Purchasing and Business Services

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Current regulations require requesting departments to order vehicles through ASU Fleet Service.

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Vehicle Procurement Requirements

Departments wishing to procure vehicles for departmental needs must begin the process with ASU’s Fleet Service fleet manager. The fleet manager acts as the university’s vehicle fleet agent and is aware of state and federal vehicle procurement requirements for governmental agencies. The fleet manager is in the best position to assist in selecting a vehicle that can best meet the requirements of the laws and the requesting department. The fleet manager will assist requesting departments to prepare a Vehicle Specification Work Sheet to ensure the best vehicle is purchased for departmental needs. The fleet manager will forward the vehicle purchase request to the appropriate purchasing agent. See also the procedure in this policy.

Vehicle requirements, restrictions, and recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • state and federal laws require a large percentage of the vehicle fleet to operate on cleaner burning alternative fuels. However Purchasing and Business Services will approve the lease or purchase of only hybrid or electric vehicles, per directive of the Office of the President. Hybrid or electric vehicles are authorized to use a Greening Maroon & Gold decal; any other exception from standard markings (as defined in FAC 204, “University Vehicle Policy”) requires approval of the executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO)
  • university vehicles are required to be white in color
  • the purchase or rental of 12- and 15-passenger vans is prohibited


  • The university encourages operators of diesel-powered vehicles to utilize the biodiesel station located at the Material Services Building located at 1711 S. Rural road, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Vehicle Driver Requirements

University vehicles may be used for university business only.

Authorized drivers (as defined in (ADOA) R2–10–207.12) utilizing a university vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and have completed the ASU Defensive Driving Training Course. Furthermore, cart drivers are required to complete an ASU Driving on the Mall training course. For training requirements, see EHS 108, “Environmental Health and Safety Training.”)

Note: Third-party contractors are not considered authorized drivers.

For more information about driver restrictions and exceptions for the use of electronic devices and/or electronic data retrieval/communications, see EHS 119, “Motor Fleet Safety.”

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Departmental representative
  1. Make an appointment with the fleet manager (480/965–6489) to establish a Vehicle Specification Work Sheet.
Fleet manager
  1. Provide the necessary documents to begin the procurement process and, if requested, provide manufacturers’ brochures and other vehicle specification information.
Departmental representative and fleet manager
  1. Establish the vehicle specification.
Fleet manager
  1. Compare the needed specification work sheet with the Arizona state contract.
If the state contract contains a vehicle that meets departmental needs:
  1. Provide the requesting department a purchase price.
  1. Contact the appropriate contractor (dealer) for cost additives (e.g., cruise control, special lighting or seating) of options not stated in the state contract.
Requesting department
  1. Establish an approved RX online in Advantage for purchase of the vehicle and provide the fleet manager with a screen print or make arrangements with the Purchasing Card administrator to use a Purchasing Card for the purchase.
Fleet manager
  1. Forward a copy of the specification work sheet, the matching state contract specification, and the approved RX document to Purchasing and Business Services for the formal purchasing process.
Note: Requesting departments can expect a 120- to 180-day delivery on vehicles that must be ordered from the state contract. Alternative-fueled vehicles can take longer for delivery. There is a short window each year in which to purchase vehicles from the state contract, so departments need to plan and request in advance.
If the requesting department has a vehicle need that is not on the state contract:
  1. Forward the specifications work sheet to the procurement specialist.
Procurement specialist
  1. Prepare a bid request using the specifications work sheet.
  1. Forward the bid request to contractors or suppliers capable of meeting the needs of the requesting department.
At the close of the bid request:
Purchasing and Business Services
  1. Hold a formal bid opening and review; invite the fleet manager and representatives of the requesting department to attend.
Fleet dealers
  1. Deliver all vehicles to Fleet Service for licensing, marketing, and processing.
Fleet manager
  1. Provide an estimate for all processing costs.
Fleet Service
  1. Provide departments with budget planning information on short- and long-term maintenance and operating costs for new vehicle procurements.


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For information on insurance for vehicle loss, see the Environmental Health & Safety Policies and Procedures Manual— EHS 705–02, “Vehicle Loss Insurance Recovery.”

For information on Fleet Service/University vehicle policy, see the Facilities Management Policies and Procedures Manual—FAC 204, “University Vehicle Policy.”

For rules and procedures about driving state vehicles, see the Environmental Health & Safety Polices and Procedures Manual:

  1. EHS 108, “Environmental Health and Safety Training”


  2. EHS 119, “Motor Fleet Safety.”

For related information see:

  1. the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual—ACD 804, “Tobacco-Free Campus”


  2. the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual
    1. SPP 305, “Tobacco-Free Campus,”
    2. SPP 801, “Employee Conduct and Work Rules,”


    3. SPP 809, “Discipline.”

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