Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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PUR 306–02 Table

The requesting unit completes the Request for Waiver of Bidding Requirements form, describing the circumstances in detail, and submits a completed waiver form and a requisition for the item to the chief procurement officer for approval.

The chief procurement officer indicates concurrence or nonconcurrence and forwards the form general counsel.

General counsel recommends approval or disapproval. A waiver recommended for disapproval is returned to the requestor, with a copy to Purchasing and Business Services. A waiver recommended for approval is forwarded to the respective approving authority.

The president or designee approves or disapproves the waiver. If disapproved, the requisition and waiver form are returned to the requesting unit. If approved, the requisition and waiver form are sent to Purchasing and Business Services.

Purchasing and Business Services:

  1. determines for approved waivers:
    1. the amount of competition practicable under the circumstances
    2. the price
    3. the supplier


    4. other necessary information (e.g., contract terms and conditions, delivery requirements)
  1. places the order
  2. maintains a log of each procurement costing $100,000 or more for which bids were waived


  3. files the waiver form and a copy of the requisition (with the assigned purchase order number) in a separate waiver file.

For disapproved waivers, Purchasing and Business Services works with the requestor to initiate a formal solicitation.

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