Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 3/1/2019

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PUR 212: Disposal and Sale of ASU Surplus Property

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To coordinate the disposal of surplus equipment and materials to ensure compliance with federal and university requirements

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Federal Acquisition Regulation § 45.6
Arizona State Constitution
ABOR 3-602
Surplus Property
Property Control

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Replaces the following policies previously published in Property Control System Policies and Procedures Manual:

PCS 901:  Dispersal of Idle/Surplus Equipment

PCS 1002-01:  Surplus Property – General

PCS 1002-02:  Disposal of Equipment to Surplus Property

PCS 1002-03:  Redistribution of Equipment to University Departments

PCS 1002-06:  University Employee Purchases

PCS 1002-07:  Temporary Warehouse Storage

PCS 1002-09:  Off-Site Surplus Property Sealed Bid Sales

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All Surplus Property must be transferred to the Surplus Property Department for sale or disposal.  When a department has Surplus Property, the department personnel or contracted vendors transfer the property to the Surplus Property location.  Departments are not permitted to dispose of or sell any Surplus Property without contacting the Surplus Property Department to facilitate the transaction. 

After property is transferred to the Surplus Property warehouse, the public may purchase via retail sales, auction or other approved methods. Once property is received at the Surplus Property warehouse and inventoried, it becomes the property of the Surplus Property department. 

Departments have the ability to acquire Surplus Property for departmental use once it becomes available for sale through the Surplus Property Department.

Proceeds for the sale of property in excess of $2,000 per unit are distributed to the transferring department, when requested, in accordance with the surplus property rebate schedule.

The university cannot donate property to any organization per the Arizona State Constitution.  

Employees of the Surplus Property Department must obtain written approval from the Surplus Property Manager prior to the purchase of any Surplus Property.

Handling Sensitive Data – Computers and Digital Copiers
Surplus Property has sole responsibility to remove all data from hard drives received.  Digital Copier hard drives will be removed, wiped clean and reformatted by the university’s digital solutions provider.

Hard drives, CPU’s, and memory are NOT to be removed from obsolete computers unless they are to be used for spare parts for the department’s inventory. 

It is the responsibility of the releasing department to remove licensed software from computers prior to transferring them to the Surplus Property Department.




For authoritative references, see:

1.           PCS 1002-08: “Sponsor-Titled Equipment”
2.            RSP 101:  “Research Policies and Procedures Manual – General Research Policy”


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