Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 12/20/1972

Revised: 7/1/2018

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PUR 101: Public Relations

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To ensure proper relations are established and maintained between Purchasing and Business Services and faculty, staff, suppliers, and the general public

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University policy

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Contacts through Purchasing and Business Services are the only relationship many people have with the university. Purchasing and department personnel must ensure that their contacts with the public reflect credit upon the university. Honesty, fairness, and courtesy are essential qualities that must be evident in negotiations with faculty, staff, salespeople, suppliers, and other visitors to the campus.

Campus Relationships

Purchasing and Business Services is in constant contact with all departments of the university. Every effort must be made to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the personnel in these departments. Cooperation, trust, and mutual confidence are essential. The most effective procurement can be achieved through the coordinated effort of Purchasing and Business Services and the user department.

Procurement Officers must have an understanding of the requirements of the users. They visit departments on a regular basis. Continuous communication is essential in meeting faculty and staff needs satisfactorily.

Supplier Relations

Purchasing personnel must grant supplier and contractor sales representatives a free and full hearing. They must encourage sales representatives to arrange appointments with procurement officers and discourage “drop-in” visits. They are to allow sales representatives a prompt and courteous interview in a businesslike manner under conditions of privacy and without numerous interruptions and delays.

Department staff must be honest in their representations to potential suppliers. Information on expected quantities to be purchased, the likelihood of receiving funds for the purchase, and other department service requirements should be as accurate as possible.

Procurement officers may visit supplier facilities periodically to increase knowledge of products and supplier capability.

General Public

Public confidence in the integrity of the university procurement function is achieved by fair, honest, competitive purchasing. In discussions or other dealings with the general public, purchasing personnel should make known the university’s procurement policies.

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For additional information on honesty and fairness with suppliers, see PUR 102, “Code of Ethics.”

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