Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 4/24/2017
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PTS Manual Revision NoticeD

Policy Summary of Changes
PTS 001


Revision of Policy

Revised to update website links and titles of responsible persons.

PTS 101

Parking Permit Sales and Vehicle Registration

Revision of Policy

Added to procedure for Vehicle owners Bill to Student Account payment option


PTS 104

Special "A" Permits, Gold Permits, All Access Campus Permits, Faculty Multi-Campus Permits, and Vendor Permits

Revision of Policy

Added Fulton Center as a parking option for Emeriti and Retiree permits

PTS 105

Replacement of Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Transit Passes, Permits, and Gate Cards

Revision of Policy

Updated procedure for Permit Sale Office by removing updating list for enforcement officers and replacing it with Place signed lost/stolen affidavit on customer account

PTS 301

Parking Citations

Revision of Policy

Added "or displaying" to Individual Citation Responsibility presumption 1. Updated Parking Violation Codes and Descriptions table to match current

PTS 401

Parking Citations Appeals

Revision of Policy

Updated First-level Appeal process with non-appealable citation table. 14-day appeal window changed to seven days.


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