Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 701 Table

The motorist needing assistance contacts Parking and Transit Services (PTS) by telephone at 480/965–0641, or by using an emergency call box, or by requesting that an ASU Police Department (ASU PD) officer contact PTS Dispatch via radio.

Note: Except in the case of an emergency, ASU PD officers may not provide any assistance other than calling PTS.

The motorist and/or ASU PD officer provides the PTS dispatcher with the following information:

  1. the type of assistance needed
  2. vehicle make, model, and color
  3. the vehicle license plate number and state
  4. the location of the vehicle, including, if parked in a structure, the floor or level


  5. the name and, if possible, the cell phone number of the motorist requesting assistance.

PTS Dispatch contacts the assigned motorist assistance officer, directing the officer to the motorist’s location. The motorist assistance officer obtains the required information and signature on the Vehicle Assistance Waiver form and provides the assistance needed.

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