Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 402 Table

The Parking Citations Appeals Board (PCAB) secretary:

  1. schedules board panel sessions
  2. notifies members and appellants
  3. posts notices for the general public.
  4. designates presiding members for each board session
  5. records the proceedings, as required, maintaining records as directed


  6. notifies absent appellants of the board’s decisions.

For each case to be heard, the presiding board member:

  1. states the name of the appellant and whether he or she is present
  2. summarizes the written appeal


  3. ensures that the proceeding is confined to the issues of the specific case.

If desired, the appellant presents the case, examines witnesses, and offers supporting documents.

Note: Unless specifically waived by the board, each presentation is limited to 15 minutes.

PCAB members ask questions of the appellant or any witnesses. On each appeal heard, PCAB members vote on a motion to affirm, reverse, or modify a decision of a parking appeals officer.

The presiding board member casts a tie-breaking vote when necessary and advises the appellant of the board’s decision.

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