Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 401 Table 2

Within 14 calendar days of the date of the decision, exclusive of the day of the appeals officer’s decision, the appellant presents to the Parking Citations Appeals Board (PCAB) secretary in the Parking and Transit Services Appeals Office a copy of the adjudicated ASU Parking Citation Appeal form and the receipt for the citation payment in full.

The PCAB secretary provides the appellant with written instructions and PCAB forms to complete in full, ensuring that a current mailing address and telephone number are included.

The appellant completes the necessary forms, attaching copies of any supporting documentation, and submits the appeals packet to the PCAB secretary, who notifies the appellant at least one week in advance of the date and time of the board meeting.

Note: The appellant may present the appeal personally or submit a written appeal in absentia.

PCAB processes, reviews, and adjudicates the appeal. Upon arriving at a decision to modify, transfer, or uphold the citation, PCAB notifies the appellant of the decision.

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