Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 203 Table

At least two weeks in advance, the event sponsor notifies the campus Events Office, Parking and Transit Services, to arrange parking for a scheduled event. See the “Contact Parking” area on the ASU Parking and Transit Services Web site for a listing of all ASU campus parking offices and contact information. Sponsoring ASU departments can also use the form at Parking and Transit Services. Completion of a Facility Use Agreement may be required by Parking and Transit Services (see the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual—FIN 126, “Private Use of University Facilities”).

The PTS events coordinator:

  1. orders and directs the installation of required signs
  2. coordinates barricading to secure lots, designating areas for persons with assigned passes, those who are disabled, event support personnel, and general parking


  3. coordinates traffic control on ASU property.

If applicable, the PTS events coordinator:

  1. arranges for parking staff, ensuring that all lot entrances are properly staffed
  2. coordinates parking fee collection, if applicable; counts, records, and deposits all monies collected into the proper accounts


  3. prepares itemized event billing for the event sponsor within one week of the event.

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