Police Department Manual (PDP)

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PDP 206 Table

The department or unit:

  1. completes the Key Action Form
  2. records the key distribution after the assignee signs the responsibility statement
  3. forwards the Key Action Form to the approving authority for signing


  4. sends the signed original Key Action Form and two photocopies to the ASU Police Department (ASU PD).

ASU PD Key Control verifies the approving signature and transmits the approved request to the Lock Shop for manufacture.

The Lock Shop maintains a sequence file for each key code, listing the names of all people issued a key cut to that code, along with the key numbers and status of each key. The manufactured key is sent to ASU PD.

The authorized keyholder picks up the key at ASU PD by showing photo identification.

The department or unit, upon termination of an employee authorized to hold a key, returns the key immediately to ASU PD or changes the authorized holder to the department name for later reissue so that the terminating employee is released from any further liability.

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