Police Department Manual (PDP)

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Students, faculty, and staff should be aware of areas posted as being under video security and use access control and alarm systems properly. If an alarm is accidentally activated, immediately call the ASU Police at 480/965–3456. When the police officers arrive, keep hands in plain sight, show identification, and explain how the alarm was activated.

If desired, students, faculty, and staff may petition colleges or departments employing video security to remove cameras, limit their scope, or add systems to a given area.

Deans, department heads, and system operators must ensure that all employees complete training in their technical, legal, constitutional, and ethical responsibilities, and are given a copy of this policy. This policy will be covered and handed out during the required training.  Training should be requested through the ASU PD.

Upon notification, Dispatch will notify facilities for alarms that appear faulty and document the notification in CAD.

The University will follow up on complaints of false alarms due to system malfunction or human error, providing remedial training or system improvement recommendations, as needed.

On request from department chairs, college deans, or other responsible persons, the University provides training in access control, property control, intrusion alarm, panic alarm, and video security systems within 60 days of receiving the request.

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