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PCS 703 Table 1

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule Approval

The originating department compares existing departmental records with those described in the generic ASU Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (RRDS) forms for administrative records and student records.

Note: Most university departmental records can be destroyed after their total retention period has expired.

A departmental RRDS must be completed and approved for temporary storage or destruction of records not listed in the generic ASU RRDS, unless special destruction approval has been given by Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records (ADLAPR) (see the procedure “ Destruction of Records Not on Approved Schedules”).

The originating department completes an RRDS, and a Records Retention and Disposition Schedule Approval Form and sends them to the university archivist.

Note: Blank RRDS and approval forms can be obtained from University Archives.

The university archivist:

  1. reviews the RRDS for appropriate retention periods
  2. negotiates revisions with the originating department
  3. obtains necessary approvals


  4. forwards the form to the ADLAPR.

The ADLAPR reviews the RRDS.

If the RRDS is not approved, the ADLAPR returns the form to the university archivist with an explanation of the deficiency. The university archivist will contact the originating department and negotiate revisions. The revised RRDS will be submitted to ADLAPR by the university archivist.

If the RRDS is approved, the ADLAPR sends an approved copy to the university archivist. The university archivist forwards one copy each to the originating department and ASU Surplus Property, and files a copy of the approved RRDS for future reference.

The originating department and ASU Surplus Property file the approved copy of the RRDS form in a secure area for future reference.

Temporary Records Storage

The originating department:

  1. determines which records are to be sent to storage through periodic review of approved RRDS and departmental files

    Note: Any record to be stored must meet the following criteria:

    1. the record descriptions must be included on the approved records retention schedules
    2. the records must be inactive


    3. there must be an assigned destruction date for the records.

      Note: The destruction date is set at the expiration of the retention period


  2. fills the box snugly, but should not overfill it.

    Note: Leave about 1 1/2 inches of space in the box to facilitate servicing; leave more space if large amounts of later interfiling are foreseen.

When packing records into storage boxes, the originating department:

  1. uses the standard Records Center box, stock #FEL0073
  2. marks the outside of the box with the department name as it appears on the RRDS form
  3. numbers the boxes sequentially (e.g., Box 1, Box 2, etc.) for each shipment to ASU Surplus Property
  4. avoids mixing records with widely scattered document dates in the same box, since the retention period begins with the most recent document date
  5. packs records in the containers in the same sequential order as was maintained in the active office files


  6. keeps labels, serial numbers, indexes, and file dividers upward.
  7. completes a Records Center Storage transmittal form for each box of records. This form is available from ASU Stores, stock # FM 780000. Complete the form as follows:
    1. enter the box numbers in the “Agency Box Number” blank on each form


    2. enter the name of the originating department in the “Agency Name” blank of the form, the name of the record, series, and the from and through dates covered by the records. The name of the originating department and record series must agree exactly with the name given on the RRDS form.
  8. secures the completed Records Center Storage transmittal forms in a large single envelope and places them with Box 1.

    Note: Do not place individual transmittals in the related boxes.

  9. completes a portion of a Property Relocation Authorization form and sends it to ASU Surplus Property. The form may be sent by campus mail to mail code 0508 or by fax to 480/965–8519.

ASU Surplus Property:

  1. arranges for records pickup
  2. verifies that the records received are in agreement with the approved record retention schedule


  3. returns all records not in agreement

ASU Surplus Property /ADLAPR:

  1. assigns a Records Center location number
  2. records the Records Center location number on the original copy of the Records Center Storage transmittal form and photocopy, and returns the original copy to the originating department.

The originating department files the Records Center Storage transmittal form copy in a secure location. The Records Center location number must be furnished by the university department when requesting records from the Records Center.

Requesting Records from the Record Center

The originating department sends an e-mail to, which includes the Records Center location number and box number(s), to request the return of boxes to the originating department.

Note: The Records Center location can be obtained from the previously returned Records Center Storage transmittal form.

ASU Surplus Property:

  1. processes the retrieval request
  2. retrieves the records from the appropriate storage facility


  3. delivers retrieved documents to the requesting university department.

The originating department performs procedures necessary for the retrieved documentation. Upon completion of procedures for the retrieved documents, the originating department arranges to have the documents returned to ASU Surplus Property by sending an e-mail to

ASU Surplus Property arranges to pick up records from the originating department for refiling.

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