Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 1/1/2002

Revised: 7/1/2012

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PCS 1002–09: Off-Site Surplus Property Sealed Bid Sales

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To provide a process for off-site surplus property sealed bid sales

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Surplus Property

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All university property that is sold from its point of use rather than being transported to the Surplus Property warehouse

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Some university surplus property is sold from its point of use, rather than from the Surplus Property warehouse. Departments selling property from its point of use must use the off-site surplus property sealed bid process below.

Property Not Allowable in Sealed Bid Sales

Computers, small mainframes, or any component that has a hard drive or stored data is not sold via the sealed bid process. Neither is office furniture (e.g., desks, chairs, office-size bookcases in small quantities). If a department has large amounts (a minimum of 50 desks, chairs, bookcases, etc.) and wants to sell them as one lot, an arrangement for office furniture sales can be made.

Successful Bidder Payment and Property Pick Up

Successful bidders will be given two working days in which to make payment for the property on which they successfully bid and five working days beyond the date they make payment to pick up the property from the sale location.

The only acceptable forms of payment on bid sales are cash and credit/debit cards. Checks are not accepted.

All payment is made at the Surplus Property warehouse. A receipt will be issued when payment has been made. This allows the bidder to remove property from the bid sale site.

Rebates to departments on bid sales will not follow the same percentage as rebates on those items of property received at the Surplus Property warehouse. A 70 percent rebate will be paid on the net sales total (after sales tax) when total sales do not exceed $5,000. A 75 percent rebate will be paid on the net sales total (after sales tax) when total sales exceed $5,000.

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The department selling property notifies Surplus Property of the need for a bid sale and submits a Disposal Request, including the item description, the ASU Property Control number (PCN), and minimum bid amount (established by the department), if applicable. If desired, the department arranges and pays for newspaper advertising.

Surplus Property:

  1. sends letters to prospective customers announcing the sealed bid sale and includes information about the equipment, the bid guidelines, the closing date, and successful bidder payment instructions
  2. invites the department hosting the sale to submit names of prospective bidders


  3. advertises the sealed bid sale on the Surplus Property Web site with bid submission instructions, physical location of property for viewing, and viewing hours.

The department selling property provides viewing hours for prospective bidders and answers questions regarding property available for bid.

Surplus Property faxes or mails invoices to all successful bidders, identifying item #/lot # and successful bid amount, including sales tax when appropriate. In order to be exempt from Arizona sales tax, a bidder must have the appropriate forms on file with Surplus Property prior to the close of the bid sale.

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