Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 6/9/1986


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PCS 1002–03: Redistribution of Equipment to University Departments

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To provide university departments with the opportunity to utilize excess used property

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Surplus Property
University policy

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After property is transferred to the Surplus Property warehouse, it is available to university departments for a minimum of three calendar days before being made available to the public via retail sales and auction. At the discretion of the Surplus Property manager, some items may not be held for three days.

Once property is received by Surplus Property and inventoried, it becomes the property of Surplus Property.

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Department Responsibilities

  1. Visit the Surplus Property warehouse during hours specified on the Surplus Property Web site.
  2. Identify the property to be transferred back to campus.
  3. Complete a Department Sale form. Provide the agency/org to be billed and the location where the property will be delivered.

Surplus Property Responsibilities

  1. Complete the Department Sale. Ensure that the agency/org and delivery location are specified.
  2. If the department employee has an ASU vehicle and wishes to transport the property themselves, select self-delivery for the delivery method.

    If the property needs to be delivered by Surplus Property, select Surplus Property movers for the delivery method.

  3. If Surplus Property is delivering the property, schedule the delivery with the department.
  4. Upon delivery, ensure that the delivery manifest is signed by the department.
  5. If any charges are assessed, bill the agency/org in Advantage.

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