Financial Services Manual (FIN)

Effective: 6/3/2016

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FIN Manual Revision Notice Table

FIN 501: ASU Travel Policy. To combine the previous FIN 500 travel section into one policy

NOTE: All policies below have been deleted

FIN502: Travel Overview. To replace FIN 502 with FIN 501

FIN504: In-State Travel. To replace FIN 504 with FIN 501

FIN505: Out-of-State Travel. To replace FIN 505 with FIN 501

FIN505-01: Out-of-State Travel Authorization. To replace FIN 505-01 with FIN 501

FIN505-02: Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement. To replace FIN 505-02 with FIN 501

FIN506: International Travel. To replace FIN 506 with FIN 501

FIN506-01:International Travel Overview. To replace FIN 506-01 with FIN 501

FIN506-02: International Travel Safety and Compliance. To replace FIN 506-02 with FIN 501

FIN506-03: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance. To replace FIN 506-03 with FIN 501

FIN507: Non-Athletic Team/Group Travel. To replace FIN 507 with FIN 501

FIN508: Travel Advances. To replace FIN 508 with FIN 501

FIN509: Meals and Lodging. To replace FIN 509 with FIN 501

FIN511: Receipts and Itemization. To replace FIN 511 with FIN 501

FIN512: Transportation. To replace FIN 512 with FIN 501

FIN513: Insurance Coverage While In Travel Status. To replace FIN 513 with FIN 501

FIN514: Registration Fees and Other Travel Expenses. To replace FIN 514 with FIN 501

FIN515: University-Sponsored Travel Credit Card. To replace FIN 515 with FIN 501

FIN516: Authorizing Travel Official. To replace FIN 516with FIN 501

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