Financial Services Manual (FIN)

Effective: 11/1/2017

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FIN Manual Revision Notice Table

FIN 111: Charges to State Operating Agency/Orgs. Deleted part of line #6 concerning exception to interviewee expenses.

FIN 301–01: Deposits–General Policy. Deleted one line concerning fees to departments for electronic payments.

FIN 305: Deposits at University Cashiering Services. Removing all references to "Best Practices".

FIN 701: ASU University Audit and Assurance Services Charter. Rewrite of entire policy. Change of title - replace "Advisory" with "Assurance."

FIN 702: Scheduled Internal Audits. Renaming policy to "Annual Audit Plan". No other changes to policy.

FIN 703: Ad Hoc, Special Purpose Audits and Reviews. Policy deleted as contents either outdated or can to be found elsewhere.


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