Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 11/1/2014
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FIN Manual Revision NoticeD

Policy Summary of Changes
FIN 209

Construction Projects from Bond Financing or Private Fundraising

Revision of Policy

Revised to restructure the policy into separate sections outlining information about “Bond Financed Projects” and “Gift Funded Projects”

FIN 213

Establishment of Resale Activities to the General Public

Revision of Policy

Revised to significantly streamline the policy

FIN 403

Petty Cash Funds for State and Local Accounts

Revision of Policy

Revised to update the title; to restructure and streamline the entire policy; to provide online resources for further information on training and procedures guides; to update the Cross-References

FIN 421–05

Human Subject Payments

Revision of Policy

Revised to clarify the processes for human subject payments

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