Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 11/1/2017
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FIN Manual Revision NoticeD

Policy Summary of Changes
FIN 111

Charges to State Operating Agency/Orgs

Revision of Policy

Deleted part of line #6 concerning exception to interviewee expenses.

FIN 301–01

Deposits General Policy

Revision of Policy

Deleted one line concerning fees to departments for electronic payments.

FIN 305

Deposits at University Cashiering Services

Revision of Policy

Removing all references to "Best Practices."

FIN 701

ASU University Audit and Assurance Services Internal Audit Charter

Revision of Policy

Rewrite of entire policy. Change of title - replace "Advisory" with "Assurance"

FIN 702

Scheduled Internal Audit

Revision of Policy

Renaming policy to "Annual Audit Plan". No other changes to policy.

FIN 703

Misuse of University Assets

Deletion of Policy

Policy deleted as contents either outdated or can to be found elsewhere.

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