Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 9/12/2011

Revised: 3/1/2015

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FIN 603: Request for Off-Cycle Payroll Check

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To establish guidelines for requesting an off-cycle payroll check (manual check) for an ASU employee

Issuing off-cycle checks is a time consuming and costly administrative function. Payroll Services will honor requests for off-cycle checks when a financial need has been expressed and the payment is within the policy guidelines listed below

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University policy

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All departments

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Off-cycle checks should only be requested when a true financial hardship exists making it necessary for the employee to receive a check before the next on-cycle payroll. Departments request off-cycle checks by submitting a payroll transaction request (PTR). Off-cycle checks are issued for time worked that was payable to the employee on a previous on-cycle payroll. ASU does not advance pay to employees under any circumstances.

Off-cycle checks will only be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. involuntary termination payment
  2. base pay if the employee has requested the off-cycle check be issued rather than adding the pay to the next on-cycle check, and the gross pay is $50 or more.

Off-cycle checks will not be issued for Additional Pay/Supplemental Pay (compensation in addition to base pay), stipends, overtime, or pay rate adjustments. These types of transactions will be paid to the employee on the next on-cycle payroll. Departments that repeatedly request off-cycle checks due to deficient departmental processes may be assessed a fee of up to $50 per off-cycle check produced. The fee is considered authorized by the department upon submission of the PAR requesting the off-cycle check. Sponsored accounts will not be charged, but the responsible local account may be charged.

Examples of departmental processes that are subject to the fee include:

  • untimely processing of hiring paperwork
  • untimely submission of timesheet(s) by employee


  • untimely approval of timesheet(s) by departments.

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