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FIN 504 Table

For in-state travel not requiring a travel advance or funding encumbrance, the traveler obtains verbal approval from the appropriate agency/org signer or authorizing travel official (ATO). If a travel advance is required, the traveler follows the procedures for out-of-state travel described in FIN 505–01, “Out-of-State Travel Authorization.” If the traveler needs to rent a vehicle, the traveler must attend defensive driver training before renting the vehicle. The defensive driver training is valid for three years. See EHS 119, “Motor Fleet Safety,” for additional information.

The agency/org signer or ATO approves or disapproves the in-state travel.

When the trip is over, the traveler completes an In-State Travel Authorization/Claim Form and attaches the required receipts (see FIN 511, “Receipts and Itemization,” for the guidelines regarding receipts and itemization). See the following FIN 504 section for instructions on completing the form.

The agency/org signer or ATO, who must occupy a higher-level position than the traveler or must be a business manager reporting to a higher-level position, signs and dates the completed In-State Travel Authorization/Claim Form, documenting approval of the expense reimbursement.

The traveler submits the top copy of the completed and approved In-State Travel Authorization/Claim Form, along with required receipts and documentation, to Travel Reimbursements, which processes the In-State Travel Authorization/Claim Form and provides reimbursement to the traveler.

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