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FIN 421–01 Table 1

Forms for Payment to Independent Contractors

The Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist is used for all service providers except:

  1. payments less than or equal to $600 per recipient, per calendar year
  2. guest lecturers and speakers visiting campus for less than two weeks
  3. individuals performing external peer review consulting services as part of departmental or program accreditation or performance monitoring
  4. performers giving a limited number of performances
  5. athletic officials


  6. corporations/other business entities with an employer identification number (EIN).

Refer to SPP 210 for more information.

The ASU Substitute W-9 and Vendor Authorization applies to all individuals receiving payments for services. The manual reference for this information is FIN 421–04.

A Departmental Professional Services Order is used for all service providers when total payment is greater than $100 but less than or equal to $10,000 except:

  1. guest lecturers and speakers, when the time spent on campus is less than two weeks and

  2. performers, when the number of performances is limited. Refer to PUR 301–02 and PUR 307–04 for more information.

A Purchase Order, bidding documentation, and a written contract are required for all independent contractor payments greater than $10,000. A Purchase Request (RX) must be submitted to Purchasing and Business Services. Refer to PUR 402–01 for more information.

IRS Form 8233, W-8ECI, or W-8IMY4 is required for eligible nonresident alien independent contractors. See FIN 425–04 for more information.

An Alien Data Collection Form is required for all nonresident alien individuals performing services in the U.S. See FIN 425–04 for more information.

Note: Independent contractor payments of any amount cannot be made to university faculty and staff unless they are the result of competitive bidding. This requirement does not apply, however, to a corporation in which an employee has a substantial interest so long as the corporation was not formed to avoid this requirement. If an employee has a substantial interest in the corporation, he or she must make that interest known to Purchasing and Business Services or the Office of General Counsel and must refrain from participating in any manner in such procurement.

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