Financial Services Manual (FIN)

Effective: 11/1/2005

Revised: 3/1/2007

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FIN 420–07: Prepaid Calling Cards


To describe the university’s policy on prepaid calling cards


University policy


Reimbursements to employees for low-dollar (face value of $50 or less) prepaid calling cards for long-distance calls are allowable, as long as the time rates on the cards are at least 15% lower than standard ASU Telephone Services long-distance rates. The card is the property of ASU and cannot be used for calls other than official university business purposes.

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Any departments utilizing prepaid calling cards are required to maintain telephone logs indicating the name and number of the person(s) called, the purpose of the call(s), the date(s) of the call(s), and the approximate number of minutes used, (this can be achieved by noting the time the call was placed, as well as the time of the conclusion of the call).

If for confidentiality reasons this information cannot be logged, a log entry still is to be made indicating the date, (general) purpose of the call, and the minutes used, along with an explanation as to why the other required information has not been provided.

This record is to be maintained by the department and is to be available for review or audit upon request by ASU Financial Services, ASU University Audit and Advisory Services, ASU Office of General Counsel, State of Arizona Office of the Auditor General, Arizona Board of Regents auditors, or grant accountants/auditors.

Departments should utilize all minutes on the cards. Cards are to be assigned to specific employees or logged in and out at time of use if they are utilized by more than one employee. Cards are to be kept secure.

Each org manager or designee is responsible for establishing procedures within his or her area to ensure compliance with this policy.

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