Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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FIN 420–03 Table 3

The employee seeking reimbursement completes Sections B and C of the Employee Moving Expenses Reimbursement Worksheet, attaches original receipts, and completes and attaches the optional Moving Expense Optional Information Sheet as needed.

The authorized agency/org signer:

  1. reviews the reimbursement request package and determines whether the request meets guidelines set by the authorizing vice presidential area


  2. completes and signs Section D of the worksheet and forwards the worksheet and documentation to Financial Services or West campus Business Services, along with a copy of the offer letter authorizing moving expenses or comparable authorization when not specified in the offer letter.

Financial Services/West campus Business Services reviews the Employee Moving Expenses Reimbursement Worksheet, approves it, and forwards it to Payroll Services, which processes the nondeductible expense reimbursements on the next semi-monthly payroll as additional compensation.

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