Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 9/1/1985

Revised: 3/1/2005

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FIN 407: Internal Purchase Orders

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To process internal purchase orders

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University policy

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An internal purchase order (PO) is used to procure goods and services from a university service department. POs can be used for either blanket orders or specific item orders; dollar amounts on the PO documents are encumbered on the requesting department’s agency/org. A list of ASU service departments, including accounting information required to complete the PO, is available at the Financial Services Advantage Web site.

For many service departments, more information frequently needs to be communicated than can be included on the PO document, e.g., dimensions, size, color, etc. For information regarding the special documentation needs of service departments, refer to the ASU Service Department Directory or contact the appropriate service department.

Quick Turnaround Forms

To simplify the process for obtaining low-dollar, high-volume goods and services from certain service departments, special forms unique to these service departments have been developed. The service departments using these special forms and the form titles (informally known as “quick turnaround forms”) are as follows: D

Service Departments with Turnaround Forms
Service Department Title of Quick
Turnaround Form
ASU Bookstore ASU Bookstore Order*
ASU Stores/Office Machine Rental and Repair Stores Order*
Copy Centers (Administration, Computing Commons, Education, Engineering, Memorial Union) Copy Center Request
Creative Communications Group Graphic/Printing Request
Fleet Service Garage/Motor Pool Request
Lab Stores Lab Stores Charge Ticket
Mail Services Mail Processing Request
Telephone Services Telephone Services Request*
Note: Supplies of quick turnaround forms are available from each individual service department except those denoted with an asterisk, which are obtained from ASU Stores.

Quick turnaround forms should be used for the preceding service departments. The quick turnaround forms will be used by the respective service departments to process Internal Vouchers to bill for the goods or services. For orders costing less than $1,000, it is not necessary to process a PO document (hence, there is no encumbrance), and quick turnaround forms may be presented directly to the appropriate service department.

The quick turnaround forms must be used as backup materials for PO documents for the service departments listed in the preceding table. Refer to the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 302–03, “Quick Turnaround Forms,” for instructions on completing a quick turnaround form.

Purchasing Cards

The university has simplified the process of acquiring low-dollar, high-volume goods and services from Stores Express and the ASU Bookstore by issuing Purchasing Cards to requesting departments. Use of Purchasing Cards for purchases of $1,000 or less negates the need for completion of a quick turnaround form for these purchases. Refer to the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 304–04, “The Purchasing Card,” for instructions on use of the Purchasing Card.

Service Department Billings

All service department charges should be billed to the requesting department within 30 days after the service has been completed, except at fiscal year end. At fiscal year end, the charges need to be billed by the cutoff date noted in FIN 105, “Fiscal Year-End Closing.” Billings that have not been processed into Advantage within 30 days after the service has been completed may be reversed at the discretion of the vice president for finance and deputy treasurer, if the late billings cause a financial hardship for the requesting department, upon written request by the end user for review by the vice president for finance and deputy treasurer.

If a billing for charges is processed against a sponsored projects agency/org more than 30 days after the service has been completed, and if the Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA) has already made final reporting to the sponsor, ORSPA will reverse the billing.

If, on a sponsored projects agency/org, the service was completed after the award termination date, the charges generally are not allowable unless they are associated with final report preparation. For this reason, ORSPA may, as an option, transfer charges for postterm services completed by ASU service departments to a state agency/org of the department responsible for the sponsored agency/org.

Note: When the service department charge is dependent upon a third party billing (i.e., another ASU service department or off-campus vendor billing), the charge to the final end user needs to be made within 15 days of receipt of the billing from the third party.

The ASU Service Center Policy is available on the Financial Services Web site. ASU service departments need to follow the guidelines contained in this separate Service Center Policy.

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For a procurement decision flowchart and a procurement transaction analysis, see the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 301–01, “Order Transaction Types and Forms.”

For additional PO data entry instructions, refer to the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 302–01, “Internal Purchase Orders.”

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