Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 5/1/1985

Revised: 3/1/2011

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FIN 401–01: Disbursement Methods

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To provide an overview of the methods of activating university disbursements for payroll, purchasing, travel, and scholarship fund transactions

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University policy

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All university agency/orgs

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This policy consists of an overview of disbursement methods, along with references to other sections in FIN and to manuals containing policies and procedures for the specific disbursement methods. University funds are disbursed through one of the following four methods: payroll disbursements; purchasing transactions, including off-campus purchases and inter-departmental purchases; travel disbursements; and scholarship fund awards.


For faculty and staff, a Personnel Action form (PAF) is processed through Payroll Services. For students, a PAF is initiated through Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. See the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual (SPP) for processing procedures.

Purchasing Transactions

Several types of order transactions are used in the procurement of goods and services. The nature of the transaction determines the procurement method and form to be used. See the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 301–01, “Order Transaction Types and Forms,” for procurement methods and forms, or PUR 301–02, “Purchases Not Requiring a Purchase Order,” for a listing of purchases not requiring a purchase order. Purchases can be made using several payment tools, including purchasing cards (P-Cards), Voyager cards (for fueling university vehicles and equipment), wire transfers, and checks issued to vendors from the Accounts Payable department within Financial Services. See PUR 304–04 “The Purchasing Card” for P-Card policy. In addition, ”Best Practices” related to the use of P-Cards and Voyager fuel cards are available on the Financial Services Web site.


For out-of-state travel, a Travel Authorization (TA) form is submitted to ASU Travel Reimbursements. For in-state travel, a combined In-State Travel Authorization/Claim can be used (see FIN 500, “Travel,” for travel policies and procedures).

Scholarship Fund Awards

Gifts to the university that are restricted for scholarships are deposited by the ASU Foundation (serving under contract as ASU Development Office) directly to a scholarship fund at Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, not to departmental agency/orgs. Departments initiating awards send an Award Authorization Form to Student Financial Assistance. Questions on scholarship fund awards are to be directed to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services (see FIN 422–01, “Student Financial Support,” for policies and procedures regarding student support payments).

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For more information about student financial assistance, see FIN 422–01, “Student Financial Support.”

For purchasing transactions information, see the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual:

  1. PUR 301–01, “Order Transaction Types and Forms”
  2. PUR 301–02, “Purchases Not Requiring a Purchase Order”


  3. PUR 304–04 “The Purchasing Card.”

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