Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 4/15/1986

Revised: 11/1/2013

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FIN 207: Closing of Agency/Orgs

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To discuss reviews to be performed when a university department desires to close an agency/org

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University policy

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To close an agency/org, an authorized account signer must submit a request to their Financial Services accountant.

Before an account can be closed, the department must:

  1. deactivate any unnecessary PeopleSoft positions and/or re-map any active, necessary PeopleSoft positions to another agency/org
  2. deactivate P-Card(s) or contact to re-map active P-Card(s) to another agency/org


  3. confirm that all external and internal purchase orders have been fully expended and/or modified to zero.
    Note: If a surplus exists, the department must indicate the agency/org to which the surplus should be transferred, or if a deficit exists, indicate a funding source from which to clear the deficit.

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