Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 4/1/1999

Revised: 11/1/2010

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FIN 125: Tax Assistance to ASU Departments

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To describe tax assistance available to ASU departments and summarize tax requirements

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Internal Revenue Service
University policy

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Financial Services has a Tax Services unit to assist ASU departments in complying with the various tax regulations that affect university operations. ASU departments should consult Tax Services when handling financial transactions that may have tax implications. Failure to comply with applicable tax laws may result in tax assessment against ASU that could be charged back to the responsible department. Only those individuals authorized by the executive vice president and chief finance officer may sign tax returns in the name of the university.

Specific tax requirements are described in the FIN manual and are summarized here for quick reference:

FIN 108, “Sales Tax,”

FIN 121, “ASU Identification Numbers and Tax-Exempt Status,”

FIN 122, “Unrelated Business Income Tax,”

FIN 123, “Taxability of Employee Discounts,”

FIN 420–03, “Moving Expenses,”

FIN 420–04, “Payment of Awards or Incentives,”

FIN 420–05, “Employee Postgraduate Research Stipends/Grants,”

FIN 421–04, “Tax Reporting—IRS Form 1099,”

FIN 422–01, “Student Financial Support,”

FIN 425–01, “ASU Foreign Visitor Tax Guide,”

FIN 425–02, “Immigration Status—Eligibility to Receive Payment,”

FIN 425–03, “Nonresident Alien Taxpayer Identification Numbers,”

FIN 425–04, “Nonresident Alien Independent Contractors and Other Foreign Entities,”

FIN 425–05, “Student Financial Support Payments to Nonresident Aliens,”

FIN 425–06, “Payments to Postdoctoral Nonresident Aliens,”

FIN 601, “Student FICA Tax Exemption.”

Additional tax issuances and guidance are available from the Financial Services Tax Issues and Guidance at ASU Web site. For questions or clarification on tax matters, please contact the ASU assistant director for tax at 480/965–8479.

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