Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 9/20/1984

Revised: 7/1/2020

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FIN 101: Financial Services Mission and Organization

Financial Services serves the university community in a professional, accessible, customer focused, efficient, and innovative manner by timely processing financial transactions and providing accounting, financial management reporting, financial system training, and treasury management services.

The mission of Financial Services is to provide to the university community a high level of service along with the necessary financial protection through the exercise of cost effective internal controls.

A complete office directory of Financial Services is now available on the Financial Services Web site. This guide identifies staff in each area and provides contact information.

Financial Services consists of the following areas; see below for an abbreviated description of each area:

Accounting Services

Accounting Services oversees general accounting (state, local, and agency funds) and auxiliary enterprise accounting. This area also handles external financial reporting, auditor coordination, and policy and procedure development.

Student Business Services

Student Business Services assists students, faculty/staff, and university departments by processing financial transactions in the areas of cashiering, collections/receivables, tuition payments, and financial aid disbursements. This area also provides accounting services for financial aid accounting.

Treasury Services

Treasury Services performs various treasury-related responsibilities, including the investment of university funds, reconciliation of the university’s bank accounts, and endowment accounting.

Payables and Reimbursements

Payables and Reimbursements process vendor payments and reimbursements to ASU employees for travel and other expenses.

Tax Management

Tax Management coordinates the university’s tax compliance and tax-related reporting requirements.

Plant Fund and Debt Service Accounting

Plant Fund and Debt Service Accounting manages the issuance and administration of the long-term debt of the university. The area is also responsible for monitoring plant fund accounts to ensure timely and appropriate use of funds.

Capital Assets Management

Capital Assets Management manages capital equipment recording, inventory and financial reporting for capital assets.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services distributes timely and accurate compensation payments to faculty, staff, and students in compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.

Data Management

Data Management oversees employment job data and position transactions for all ASU faculty, staff, and students, which includes support for position management, academic renewal, and Personnel Transaction Requests (PTR).

FMS Support Team

The Financial Management Support Team supports the Workday Financial Management System by managing change controls, security, business continuity integrations with other financial systems, and training for university users.

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