Facilities Management Manual (FAC)

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Effective: 1/24/1991

Revised: 3/1/2004

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FAC 106: Campus Signage

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To make the ASU campus safe, understandable, and welcoming for students, faculty, staff, and visitors

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Facilities Management

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All interior and exterior campus signage

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Interior and exterior signage for the ASU campus has evolved over time without guidance or controls, often resulting in visual clutter: poorly located signs and mismatched letter sizes, colors, shapes, and mounting techniques. Therefore, a comprehensive interior/exterior wayfinding sign program has been developed to provide an important community service and to help make a favorable public impression.

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Interior Building Signs

A modular, flexible, recyclable system of standardized signs will be used in all new buildings. This system will be implemented gradually in existing buildings as funds become available or as replacement is required. The system consists of a series of directories, directional signs, and destination signs that use proven wayfinding techniques to guide first-time users to building destinations.

Exterior Campus Signs

A modular, flexible, recyclable system of standardized signs will be used throughout the campus. The system consists of a series of illuminated directories, mall directional signs, building identification signs, and state and federal mandated signs.


The benefits of this comprehensive approach are that it:

  1. communicates useful information quickly to first-time visitors
  2. reduces both cost of signs and time required to obtain them
  3. reduces clutter
  4. ensures a unified graphic element throughout the campus


  5. complies with existing state and federal laws.

Responsibilities for Interior Sign System

In New Buildings

For new construction, the cost of signs, including ADA-compliant signs, is a capital expense funded by the project budget.

In Existing Buildings

After installation, the user groups will be responsible for funding any component or name changes.

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