Facilities Management Manual (FAC)

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Effective: 1/31/1991

Revised: 11/1/2016

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FAC 004: Definitions

Terms in this manual are defined as follows:

Auxiliary Unit
An operation that derives a substantial portion of its budget from revenues generated from providing goods and/or services to the university community and/or the general public. A list of major auxiliary units follows:
  1. ASU Bookstore
  2. ASU Public Events
  3. Food service contractors or concessionaires
  4. Intercollegiate Athletics
  5. Memorial Union
  6. Parking and Transit Services
  7. Residential Life, including fraternities and sororities
  8. Stadium Management.
Billable Service
A discretionary request for service submitted by a university department or agency for performance by Facilities Management of a nonmaintenance function, including:
  1. construction and/or installation of a device, fixture, apparatus, or structure that is not integral to a university facility


  2. delivery and/or supply of any nonmaintenance support, assistance, and/or commodity for which Facilities Management incurs nonbudgeted expense.
Blanket Order
An agreement for a specified period between the user and Facilities Management to furnish the commodities or services specified in the order on a periodic release basis.
Domestic Water
Water supplied to the campus from outside sources.
Firm Price Quote
A cost for a project that is guaranteed by Facilities Management and billed to the requester without regard to the actual final cost of the project.
Formal Estimate
A written estimate provided by Facilities Management and based upon a written request from the user. A formal estimate is intended to be an approximation of the actual cost.
Informal Estimate
An estimate provided by either Facilities Management or the requester is simply a means to encumber funds for a project within the financial system. This type of estimate is merely an educated guess of the actual costs of the project. Typically, this type of estimate is made for relatively small projects that need to be completed quickly.
Nonbillable Service
A request for service submitted by a university department or agency (except auxiliary enterprises) involving the performance of a maintenance-related function by Facilities Management. Maintenance service includes, but is not limited to, repair of an existing device, fixture, apparatus, or structure that is integral to the facility (and its operation) at which the device, fixture, apparatus, or structure is presently located.
Printed Materials
Bulletins, leaflets, posters, notices, schedules, temporary signs, and similar materials.
The willful destruction and/or defacing of public or private property.

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