Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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Effective: 3/14/1975

Revised: 7/1/2007

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EHS 204: Facility Safety and Occupancy Limits

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To ensure, in the event of a fire or other emergency requiring an evacuation, that established maximum occupancy limits for university offices, classrooms, and assembly areas are not exceeded and to ensure the proper management and safe use of university facilities

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29 Code of Federal Regulations § 1910, Subpart E
Arizona Revised Statutes § 41–2141 et seq.
Arizona Administrative Code R4–36–201 et seq.
Arizona State University Fire Prevention and Safety Plan

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Facilities are designed to adequately accommodate the normal ingress and egress of occupants. Each facility and area within a facility, especially the exit system, is designed to safely support ingress and egress at its maximum occupancy. Environmental Health & Safety’s fire and safety inspection program and this policy are designed to help maintain proper facility management and ensure a safe environment.

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Departments and units must ensure that each area of the facility or event is utilized as designed for the specific type of occupancy and that the exit system is maintained throughout the facility or event.

The following information must be disseminated to all occupants to ensure the facility is managed and maintained properly.

  1. Ensure an evacuation plan is established and all occupants are aware of all aspects of the evacuation plan, facility fire protection and notification systems, and university policy.

    Ensure all access/exit doors to the facility and from assembly areas operate as designed, are maintained, unobstructed and clearly marked, adequately illuminated, and unlocked for egress.

  2. The exit system is unobstructed; the path is clear, and appropriately marked.
  3. Hallways, corridors, stairways, exit enclosures, exit passageways, and exit discharge areas must be free of combustible materials, obstruction of egress, and hazardous chemicals; they also must be properly marked, illuminated, and have their fire rating maintained.

For additional information or assistance in developing evacuation plans, contact Environmental Health & Safety by phone at 480/965–1823 or e-mail (ASKEHS@asu.edu).

Environmental Health & Safety develops, implements, and maintains the university’s fire prevention and safety program; provides training; promotes employee health and safety; and promotes regulatory compliance. Environmental Health & Safety assists the departments and units with compliance issues and recommendations to ensure a safe environment.

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See also:

  1. EHS 201, “Electrical Safety”
  2. EHS 202, “Decorations and Displays”


  3. EHS 205, “Storage of Hazardous Chemicals.”

For more information, see the Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 101–03, “Emergency Evacuation.”

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