Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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EHS 111 Table

The Building Committee or departments perform the following:

  1. customize the Arizona State University Medical Supervision Policy to the specific building receiving AEDs
  2. implement and adhere to the policy protocol
  3. approve employees volunteering to use AEDs during emergency situations
  4. assure that employee volunteers attend training biennially
  5. report a change in status of trained employee volunteers to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)


  6. conduct required visual inspections to verify that the AEDs are in operating condition.

The oversight physician prescribes AEDs and provides medical supervision and program oversight.

The Capital Programs Management Group:

  1. plans and provides AEDs as required on applicable construction projects involving ASU-owned or -operated buildings


  2. consults with EH&S on the quantity and location of AEDs.


  1. provides information on AEDs to the campus community
  2. provides CPR/AED training to employee volunteers
  3. maintains records of trained employee volunteers
  4. tracks the location of all AEDs on each campus


  5. maintains AED units and associated supplies in optimal working condition.

Employee volunteers adhere to all training requirements and instructions for administering CPR and using an AED for emergency response.

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