Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

Effective: 7/1/2017

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CPM Manual Revision Notice

CPM 002: Definitions. Revised to update definitions and to delete those definitions that are no longer relevant.

CPM 103: Organization Chart. Revised to update link to org chart due to changes in website location.

CPM 301–01: Project Proposals. Revised to update titles of departments.

CPM 301–04: Request for Capital Programs Management Group Services. Revised to update link to ABOR information.

CPM 301–05: Asbestos. Revised to add email address:

CPM 309–01: Building and Remodeling Permits and Inspections. Revised to update names of departments and add email:

CPM 309–03: Floor Covering Permit Standards and Procedures. Revised to add email:

CPM 311–01: Consultants for Remodeling, Renovation, and Construction - General. Section Minor Capital Projects has been deleted from the policy.

CPM 401: Property Acquisition Review. Policy has been deleted/removed.


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