Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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Effective: 6/1/1986

Revised: 11/1/2016

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CPM 502: Capital Project Agency/Orgs

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To ensure that separate plant project agency/orgs are established for projects

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University policy

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All capital projects managed by the Capital Programs Management Group

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Capital projects managed by the Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) that require outside service contracts should have individual plant project agency/orgs established.

The director of the CPMG or designee should be the overall org manager for the plant fund agency/orgs. However, for certain academic, departmental, or specialized projects, other university personnel may be allowed to assume the overall org manager responsibility.

Various sources are used to fund plant project agency/orgs (i.e., investment income, local collections, state capital outlays, department budgets, or bond proceeds).

Most project approval documents that have been approved by authorized administrators are funded by the university. Project approval documents must identify the source of funds and agency/org number that will be used in order for the CPMG to establish the plant project agency/org with Financial Services.

In general, the agency code for plant project agency/orgs is PL6. Agency/orgs are established through the project approval process. Department-funded projects that can be done in-house by the Department of Facilities Management, using a Service Work Order, should be charged directly to the department’s agency/org.

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  1. Send the signed original of the project approval document to the Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG).

Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG)

  1. Send the original form to Financial Services. Retain a copy for department project files.

Financial Services

  1. Establish a plant project agency/org.
  2. Set up project account information in the DocuSign program.


  1. Inform the customer of project expenditures and agency/org status on a regular basis.

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