Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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Effective: 11/7/2006

Revised: 11/1/2016

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CPM 318: Numbering and Addressing of Facilities

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To describe the process of numbering and addressing facilities

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University policy

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All university-owned facilities

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The application of a facility code to any land and/or building for facilities betterment is to be coordinated with the project manager (PM), University Facilities Records Management (UFRM), and the land and building accountant in Property Control. The number that is applied will follow the forms below.

#### — Generic ASU facility code

9### — ASU West campus facility code

E### — ASU Polytechnic campus facility code as part of Williams Air Force Base conveyance

E8## — ASU at the Polytechnic campus facility code constructed by ASU

L### — Land or site facility code

R### — Facility code for land and/or building leased to ASU

X### — Facility Code for Land/Buildings and/or Structures that do not meet the National Center for Education Statistics Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (PEFI) definition of a building. The definition is:

  1. They are attached to a foundation;
  2. They are roofed;
  3. They are serviced by a utility, exclusive of lighting;


  4. They are a source of significant maintenance and repair activities.

The facility code is retired for demolished structures for a duration of 50 years and the “sunset list” is maintained by UFRM.


The addressing of a building, land, and/or facility is to be coordinated by UFRM, the ASU Police Department, ASU 9-1-1 Telephone Services, ASU Postal Service, and the ASU Fire Marshall. The request for address is made by the project manager and the “committee” will review the request and confirm alignment with the Main Street Address Guide (MSAG) for Maricopa County. A construction address may be identified in lieu of the final address due to site conditions.

The ASU PM then distributes that information throughout his or her project contacts. The ASU PD representative then distributes that information to first responders. ASU 9-1-1 is edited to accommodate the new address. ASU Mail Services distributes this information as applicable to the United States Postal Service. The ASU Fire Marshall communicates the entries/changes as well to the appropriate fire/emergency departments. At this time also, University Facilities Records Management enters the address into the university’s facility database.

At a point in time closer to occupancy deemed appropriate by the ASU PM, through discussions with users and others, the address is again reviewed for correctness and is accepted or modified due to the changeover from a construction site to an ASU occupied site. Then, only if there is change, appropriate ASU parties disseminate the information to their agency contacts.

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