Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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Effective: 10/1/1987

Revised: 3/1/2008

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CPM 314: Naming of Facilities

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To describe the process of naming facilities

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University policy

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All university-owned facilities

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All names of university facilities are approved by the university president.

The naming process is managed by the university architect. Submission of proposed names are provided to the university architect. The university architect may recommend to the provost of the university and the executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) a name for a university facility. The name is then determined by the provost and the CFO, and recommended to the university president for approval.

An approval letter of the correct name will then be submitted to the requesting party.

Any questions or discussion on the naming of facilities shall be directed to the University Architect. The name may consist of a common name and an official name.

The official name to be entered at the time of project inception is the name that is presented to the Arizona Board of Regents. If the facility does not have an official name, the address of the facility acts as the name.

When donor dollars are involved, there is a coordinated naming effort by the university architect, the university president and the ASU Foundation.

After the name has been approved by the university president, the university architect instructs the university Facilities Records Management office to enter this name into the university’s facility database.

Facility Name Plaques

For facilities named for individuals or an organization, an appropriately worded and designed plaque shall be reviewed by University Services, Facilities Management, Signage Services.

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