Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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CPM 313 Table

The Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG), ASU at the West campus Facilities Development/Management, and ASU at the Polytechnic campus Facilities Management:

  1. develop a list of current ASU construction projects, including a timetable for each building to encompass:
    1. site development
    2. construction schedule


    3. proposed finish date.
  1. forward the list to the coordinator of special events in Institutional Advancement


  2. update the list on a quarterly basis.

Institutional Advancement recommends to the president the types of ceremonies to be held.

The President’s Office determines the appropriateness and the types/numbers of ceremonies to be held for each building and selects a ceremony chair for each building ceremony.

Institutional Advancement and the Building Committee chair:

  1. establish the timetable for ceremonies in conjunction with the CPMG
  2. establish the budget and sources or revenues for the ceremony or ceremonies
  3. determine the type of event and program, including:
    1. guests to be invited
    2. speakers
    3. mementos


    4. amenities to be provided (programs, tables and chairs, food, etc.).
  4. ensure that appropriate staff are available to implement the event
  5. ensure proper notification of the event to the university and external community


  6. work with the ASU Public Art and Design Review Council and the University Building Names Committee to ensure that the proper plaques and other markers are correct and appropriately displayed.

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