Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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CPM 309–03 Table

The requesting department completes a Building/Flooring Permit Application and returns it to the Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) (mail code 5512 or fax 480/965–5926).

Note: Applications are also available in the Facilities Management Shops or from Purchasing and Business Services (480/965–5378).

CPMG reviews the application to determine if the request meets policy requirements. If so, the department notifies the CPMG program manager for asbestos services that there is an application ready for review.


  1. reviews the application for asbestos abatement requirements
  2. arranges for abatement if necessary


  3. approves the application.

If approved:

CPMG returns the approved application to the requesting department and provides a copy to Purchasing.

The requesting department includes a permit number or a copy of the permit with the carpet order to Purchasing and Business Services for processing.

Purchasing and Business Services notifies Asbestos Services at when the project is complete. Send the carpet information for the database, including type, warranty, and cleaning instructions.

If disapproved, CPMG returns the application to the requesting department with reason(s) for disapproval, and the requesting department modifies or cancels the application.

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