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CPM 309–01 Table

The requesting department or contractor:

  1. completes an Building Permit Application


  2. emails it to Place the CPMG construction plans for review in the project folder. FACMAN will attach drawings to the permit application email.
    Note: Applications may be obtained from the Facilities Forms site. For additional permitting information, call 480/727–0918 or 480/965–1803 or see the Construction at ASU site..

CPMG Construction Support Services sends a notice that a Building Permit Application is ready for review to ASU’s Fire Safety Officer, Code Compliance, Computer Aided Design, Electric and/or Mechanical Services, Office of the University Architect, the Food Safety and Health Sanitarian, Asbestos Management Program, Information Technology, and the Accessibility Compliance Office.

Note: If the Asbestos Management Program’s review determines that asbestos is present, the requesting department is responsible for funding any required abatement

Permit application reviewers complete the review of Building Permit Applications for Facilities Management within five business days and complete the review of the permit applications for CPMG projects and those that involve an outside contractor within 10 business days.

CPMG Construction Support Services issues the approved Building Permit Application, approved plans, and Building Permit Inspection card to the requesting department or project manager.

The requesting department or contractor begins work and calls the Construction Inspection phone line at 480/727–7100 for routine inspections and the final inspection. Inspections must be requested at least one business day before the requested inspection date.

CPMG and Construction Inspection sign the Building Permit Inspection Card at completion of the final inspection and return it to CPMG Construction Support Services.

The requesting department or contractor submits complete as-built drawings for approval/file.

CPMG coordinates with the contractor to complete a Certificate of Occupancy Check List in preparation for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, if applicable.

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