Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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Effective: 1/31/1991

Revised: 7/1/2017

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CPM 309–01: Building and Remodeling Permits and Inspections

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To define the policy and procedure for building and remodeling permits and inspections

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Capital Programs Management Group

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All departments or operating units planning to remodel, build, demolish, or in some manner alter any portion of a building, building system, or tunnel system

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A building and remodeling permit is required for any work, including donated work, performed by individuals, departments, or contractors. A permit is required when a building, structure, or any system thereof is erected, constructed, modified, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, remodeled, converted, or demolished (this includes lighting, electrical, HVAC, infrastructure [i.e. water, sewer, gas] and systems [plumbing, electrical, etc.]). A permit is also required for using hot work equipment. Hot work equipment includes, but is not limited to, oxygen/fuel gas welding and cutting, ARC welding and cutting, and metal cutting equipment. All materials and workmanship shall comply with university-adopted Building Codes. The Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) reserves the right to approve or disapprove any applications submitted for building permits that do not conform to applicable code/regulation requirements or those not designed in accordance with ASU Design Guidelines, the Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, and Environmental Health & Safety directives.

Failure to obtain a permit, and/or work not executed according to applicable codes and ASU Design Guidelines, may result in the CPMG correcting the work at the expense of the unit or department that requested the work to be done.


All projects shall be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Disruption of class activities shall be kept to a minimum. An estimated completion date is to be noted on the Building/Flooring Permit Application.


Construction projects are subject to inspections by ASU construction inspectors; as construction progresses, inspections will occur to monitor compliance with accepted codes and standards, ASU guidelines, and contract documents.

The Building Permit Inspection Card, approved working drawings, and specifications with attached Requests for Information (RFI) must be displayed at the construction site for the duration of the project.

Tunnel System Construction Standards

  1. No installation shall limit access to existing boxes, valves, or expansion joints.
  2. No installation can affect existing light distribution in any way. Relocation or installation of additional lighting may be allowed with prior approval.
  3. No installation can affect the ability to close tunnel-sectionalizing gates.
  4. All installation of cable must be done in an approved or existing ladder tray (installed in such a manner as not to violate the previous rules) and be placed as close to the walls as possible.
  5. The department doing the installation is responsible for funding any required abatement. This includes cleanup of asbestos on the tunnel floor resulting from damage or removal.
  6. No installation can be located across access gates, doors, or tunnel openings off the main tunnel.
  7. No installation can affect the operation of motion sensors.
  8. All piping must be insulated or re-insulated per ASU standards.
  9. No installation can hinder access to high-voltage systems in any way.
  10. All work must be performed without disturbing existing utilities.


Projects will not be considered complete until a final inspection has been completed by a CPMG construction inspector and complete as-built drawings have been submitted and approved for file records.

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Requesting department

  1. Complete a Building Permit Application and email it to Place the CPMG construction plans for review in the project folder. FACMAN will attach drawings to the permit application email.
    Note: Applications may be obtained from the Facilities Forms site. For additional permitting information, call 480/727–0918 or 480/965–1803 or see the Construction at ASU site.

Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) Construction Support Services

  1. Send a notice that a Building Permit Application is ready for review to ASU’s Fire Safety Officer, Building Code Compliance, Computer Aided Design, Electric and/or Mechanical Services, Office of the University Architect, the Food Safety & Health Sanitarian, Asbestos Management Program, Information Technology, and the Accessibility Compliance Office.
    Note: If the Asbestos Management Program’s review determines that asbestos is present, the requesting department is responsible for funding any required abatement.

Permit application reviewers

  1. Complete the review of Building Permit Applications for Facilities Management within five business days. Complete the review of permit applications for CPMG projects and those that involve an outside contractor within 10 business days.
If approved:

CPMG Construction Support Services

  1. Issue the approved Building Permit Application, approved plans, and Building Permit Inspection Card to the requesting department or project manager.

Requesting department or contractor

  1. Begin work. Call the Construction Inspection phone line at 480/727–7100 for routine inspections and the final inspection. Inspections must be requested at least one business day before the requested inspection date.

CPMG, Construction Inspections

  1. Sign the Building Permit Inspection Card at completion of the final inspection and return it to CPMG Construction Support Services.

Requesting department or contractor

  1. Submit complete as-built drawings for approval/file.


  1. Coordinate with the contractor to complete a Certificate of Occupancy Check List in preparation for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, if applicable.


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